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Piano and dark ambient teaser

February 26, 2024
Client : Lofi Girl
Work ordered : Animation, Illustration

The team at Lofi Studio has carefully put together a teaser to announce the release of Lofi Girl’s newest compilations, “Peaceful Piano” and “Lonely Day,” along with the launch of their two fresh radio: “Peaceful Piano” and “Dark Ambient”. The teaser aims to give listeners a glimpse of the serene and contemplative audio experiences these new offerings are set to provide, highlighting Lofi Studio’s dedication to crafting unique and immersive listening environments.

Team :

Carole Edel: Executive Creative Director and Producer

Margaux Peltat: Lead Illustrator
Davide Monteleone: Background sketches
Luc Courtois: Color script
Lucas Daveau: Background painting
Glenn Thomas: Background painting

Emalie Tison: Lead Animator
Diego Marquina: Storyboard and Animation (clean, rough)
Debbie Balboa: Animation (clean, rough)
Jasmine Veljanovski: Animation (clean, rough)
Karen Chu: Animation (clean, rough)
Giovanna Arrosse: Colors and animation (clean, rough, comp)
Laura Vuillerme: Animation retakes
Laura Bisson: Animation retakes

Sarah Sigier: Social Media Visuals
Chloé (Wuurdart): Motion Design

Project artists

Lucas Daveau
I'm Lucas, background artist and huge Japanim fan (top 1 Princess Mononoke). I particularly like working with light and atmosphere in my painting, especially magical atmospheres that are far removed from reality!
Hey I'm Chloė, a french artist from Brittany. I work as an art director, graphic designer and illustrator. Passionate about daydreaming and creating, I spend my time drawing, reading, playing video games, photographing, filming, watching movies and series... and especially eating.
Karen Chu
Karen is a 2D animator and 2DFX artist from Hong Kong. She has a passion for sandbox video games, cats, and writing. She currently works in the USA for TV and commercial animation.
Debbie Balboa
I'm Debbie Balboa, an artist based in Paris. I was born and raised in Mexico, so my country and culture have shaped my love for color and characters in all stories I have come across. The idea of bringing characters to life and creating new stories full of powerful messages is what I must enjoy.
Glenn Thomas
Glenn Thomas is a designer in animation, working as a background artist, sometimes director and occasional animator. He survives on coffee and pie.
Jasmine Veljanovski
2D Animator from Melbourne
Luc Courtois
I’m Luc Courtois, a painter, visual development and background artist from Lyon, a city in France. I’m mostly interested in depicting environments under various lighting scenario and I enjoy experimenting with the painting medium. I love to represent life scenes in my work.
Carole Edel
French executive art director and producer, head of Lofi Studio.
Laura Bisson
Laura is a young artist hailing from the South West of France. She has been working in the 2D art field for the past three years, primarily focusing on illustration and 2D animation, following her completion of an art school program in animated movies. In addition to her artistic pursuits, Laura enjoys the laid-back lifestyle of the South, spending her time surfing, taking her dog for walks in the forest, and soaking up the sun in her garden. Laura brings a blend of artistic creativity and chill and cozy lifestyle to her work in the 2D art world.
Giovanna Arrosse
Hi! I'm Giovanna, a 2D digital artist, I love telling stories through both illustration and animation!