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Carole Edel

French executive art director and producer, head of Lofi Studio.


Asian Lofi Radio

Transport yourself to the tranquil beauty and rich history of Asia with Lofi Girl's new radio. Envision being surrounded by the delicate dance of cherry blossoms, the harmonious tinkling of wind chimes, and melodies inspired by Asia's diverse musical tapestry. Savor the moment with a steaming cup of tea, basking in the morning sunlight as it filters through the clouds. Escape to a realm where serene harmonies and nature's whispers create the perfect haven for relaxation and reflection.

Asian Lofi Teaser

During the launch event of Lofi Girl's new Asian Lofi radio, we depicted Lofi Girl taking the plane to Japan.

Lofi Girl Fortnite Assets

This map is just the beginning, with more exciting experiences awaiting in Fortnite's creative mode!
CODE: 6437-7858-4061

Lofi Girl Easter 2024

Happy Easter!

April Fools 2024

Happy April Fools Day

Lofi Girl Fortnite

Lofi Girl is now on Fortnite! Explore inside Lofi Girl's iconic room from a brand new perspective, solve quests and uncover hidden secrets as you play along!
You can also choose from up to 5 radios to really immerse yourself in the lofi universe. Customise your appearance with Lofi Girl themed cosmetics and embark on this extraordinary adventure! 🎮

3 A.M Chill Session

As night falls and the world grows still, lose yourself in the mesmerizing beats of the ‘3 A.M. Chill Session’. A captivating compilation blending '80s nostalgia with futuristic vibes, features 27 tracks by 35 artists that transcend time and space. Immerse yourself in hypnotic rhythms and pulsating synths that echo through the night. Take a moment to sit down, absorbing the midnight hours, as you await the imminent dawn, letting the ethereal melodies guide you through a world of escapism and creative inspiration.

Renault R5

Renault 5 takes us for a dreamlike journey across its home country.

Dark Ambient Radio

Step into the enigmatic shadows of sound with our Dark Ambient Radio, and embark on a profound journey through the depths of the auditory unknown. Each pulse and drone invites you into a world beyond the reach of light, where mystery and tranquility coalesce into an immersive soundscape. Ideal for contemplation, creative exploration, or those moments when you seek solace in the embrace of the night. Our 24/7 livestream serves as a gateway to introspection and the darker corners of serenity, making it the perfect backdrop for your most reflective hours.

Peaceful Piano Radio

Prepare to envelop yourself in the serene embrace of timeless melodies and embark on a tranquil voyage through the essence of harmony with our Peaceful Piano Radio. Let each note guide you into a realm of calm and reflection, ideal for moments of relaxation, meditation, or deep concentration. Whether you're unwinding after a long day, seeking inspiration, or simply in need of a peaceful background, our 24/7 livestream offers the perfect sanctuary for your daily journey.