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Edda - Kanisan x Dario & Claudia Lessing

November 28, 2022
Client : Lofi Records
Work ordered : Vinyl cover, animation and assets

On the one-year anniversary of ‘mist, shadows & i’, Kanisan embarks on a deep-orchestral journey with Dario and Claudia Lessing in their atmospheric and mystical album ‘Edda’. Strings and haunting pianos evoke profound feelings, while vocals seep into your soul, tinged with melancholy and bittersweetness. It’s a path with an unknown destination, yet something stirring in the shadows speaks to you and draws you into their gloom – if you haven’t already, you’ll be back for more of this mysterious release.

Team :

Carole : Executive Producer
Luvwn : Illustrator
Anders Sundstedt : Animation

Project artists

Carole Edel
French executive art director and producer, head of Lofi Studio.
Anders Sundstedt
2D Animated Videos, Animated Music Videos, Animated Explainer & Whiteboard Videos.
Christopher Kaasik (luvwn) is a digital artist from Estonia. Starting with photo editing at a young age, he quickly found his real passion in illustrating characters and scenery. Even though having briefly studied at the Baltic Film, Media and Arts School, he is mostly self-taught and draws inspiration from his music and life around him.