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Best of 2022

December 31, 2022
Client : Lofi Records
Work ordered : Illustrations (x11) – Loop Animation – Vinyls Assets

2023 is nearly here, and it’s time to reflect on the past year and the memories we’ve created. Join Lofi Girl on the rooftops and admire a beautiful firework display, while reliving your personal experiences in the best way possible – through lofi hip hop! The ‘Best of 2022’ compilation is here, consisting of 79 tracks meticulously hand-picked from releases in an assortment of styles – more importantly, discover the remarkably talented beatmakers and illustrators behind your listening experiences, whose timeless creations are celebrated. This year brought its own unique set of victories and defeats, struggles and joys; these are just some of the special tracks that accompanied you along the way..

Team :

Carole : Executive Creative Director and Producer
Margaux Peltat : Compilation cover Illustrator
Ameily : Animation
Matt Rockfeller : Vinyl 1 Illustrator
Surendra Rajawat : Vinyl 2 Illustrator
Jim Spendlove : Vinyl 3 Illustrator
Minweee : Vinyl 4 Illustrator
Klegs : Vinyl 5 Illustrator
Luvwn : Vinyl 6 Illustrator
Gydwin : Vinyl 7 Illustrator
Aenami :Vinyl 8 Illustrator
Jocelin : Vinyl 9 Illustrator
Marinel : Vinyl 10 Illustrator

Project artists

Carole Edel
French executive art director and producer, head of Lofi Studio.
Ameily is an animator currently based in New York City and Taipei City.
Surendra Rajawat
Freelance Environment concept Artist and illustrator working for video games and animation industry. He loves doing nature based art.
Minnie is a Concept Artist/Illustrator from New Zealand. Her influences come mostly from interior design and anime!
Matt Rockefeller
Matt Rockefeller is an illustrator and comic artist who grew up in Tucson, Arizona and draws inspiration from its dramatic landscapes. He creates bookcovers, picture books, and works in animation as a visual development and background artist. His upcoming graphic novel, White Oak, will be published by First Second in 2023.
Marinel Sheu is an 25 years old self-taught Albanian Illustrator currently based in Dublin, Ireland. Through his work, Marinel’s Art tells a story or captures a moment in a very introspective way. His art evokes a melancholy, nostalgic feel and speaks in a universal language which most people can understand or relate.
Margaux Peltat
Margaux Peltat is a French freelance Illustrator based in Paris. During her Art studies at Bellecour School and Emile Cohl School in Lyon, where she’s born, she learned Academic drawing and painting, Anatomy, Illustration, Digital Painting and many other disciplines. Her work is inspired by Magic, Nature, Childhood and she loves painting dreamy and relaxing atmospheres !
Christopher Kaasik (luvwn) is a digital artist from Estonia. Starting with photo editing at a young age, he quickly found his real passion in illustrating characters and scenery. Even though having briefly studied at the Baltic Film, Media and Arts School, he is mostly self-taught and draws inspiration from his music and life around him.
Klegs is a 21 year old illustrator based in California. They started drawing at the age of 15 originally because they wanted to draw fan-art for the many shows they watched. Eventually finding a love for creating peaceful environments and recently animation.
Freelance visual development artist, concept artist and illustrator.