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3 A.M Chill Session

April 16, 2024
Client : Lofi Girl
Work ordered : Animation Loop, Illustration and Vinyl

As night falls and the world grows still, lose yourself in the mesmerizing beats of the ‘3 A.M. Chill Session’. A captivating compilation blending ’80s nostalgia with futuristic vibes, features 27 tracks by 35 artists that transcend time and space. Immerse yourself in hypnotic rhythms and pulsating synths that echo through the night. Take a moment to sit down, absorbing the midnight hours, as you await the imminent dawn, letting the ethereal melodies guide you through a world of escapism and creative inspiration.

Team :

Carole Edel : Executive Creative Director and Producer
Margaux Peltat : Illustration
Emalie Tison : Character Animation
Laura Bisson : Vinyl Assets

Project artists

Carole Edel
French executive art director and producer, head of Lofi Studio.
Laura Bisson
Laura is a young artist hailing from the South West of France. She has been working in the 2D art field for the past three years, primarily focusing on illustration and 2D animation, following her completion of an art school program in animated movies. In addition to her artistic pursuits, Laura enjoys the laid-back lifestyle of the South, spending her time surfing, taking her dog for walks in the forest, and soaking up the sun in her garden. Laura brings a blend of artistic creativity and chill and cozy lifestyle to her work in the 2D art world.
Emalie Tison
Emalie is a US-based artist located in Wisconsin. She studied animation at the Savannah College of Art and Design, majoring in Animation. Since then, she animates from home, working mainly in animated interstitial and commercial work. When Emalie isn't stuck at the computer, she's on a road trip, walking her cat, or catching up on new movies. Emalie is a big fan of Lofi Studios, and is happy to be a part of their good vibes.
Margaux Peltat
Margaux Peltat is a French freelance Illustrator based in Paris. During her Art studies at Bellecour School and Emile Cohl School in Lyon, where she’s born, she learned Academic drawing and painting, Anatomy, Illustration, Digital Painting and many other disciplines. Her work is inspired by Magic, Nature, Childhood and she loves painting dreamy and relaxing atmospheres !