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The Spirit Within - Raimu

September 5, 2022
Client : Lofi Records
Work ordered : Vinyl cover and assets

What does your inner peace look like? Amid the chaos and disorder of the world, Raimu has found refuge in the magical depths of his album ‘The Spirit Within’. Soothing melodies of instruments from Asia and the Middle East intertwine with rich drum grooves, synthesizers, bird songs and foley sounds, that immerse you completely in the sublimity of nature and her healing powers – something we’re too often neglecting.

Team :
Carole : Executive Producer
Matt Rockfeller : Illustrator

Animation by the beatmaker Raimu

Project artists

Carole Edel
French executive art director and producer, head of Lofi Studio.
Matt Rockefeller
Matt Rockefeller is an illustrator and comic artist who grew up in Tucson, Arizona and draws inspiration from its dramatic landscapes. He creates bookcovers, picture books, and works in animation as a visual development and background artist. His upcoming graphic novel, White Oak, will be published by First Second in 2023.