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The Gate to Serenity - Danisogen

October 3, 2022
Client : Lofi Records
Work ordered : Vinyl cover and assets

Danisogen has a unique treat in store with his latest album ‘The Gate to Serenity’. A profusion of ethnic instruments come together, sourced from various corners of East Asia – airy flutes and piano melodies echo from sacred mountain tops, while perfectly-hitting drums sound from the depths of the wild jungle. Even the strongest-minded samurai may not live forever, but his music will echo in eternity.


Team :
Carole : Executive Producer
Aenami : Illustrator

Project artists

Carole Edel
French executive art director and producer, head of Lofi Studio.
Alena Aenami is 27 years old self-taught illustrator from Ukraine. She creates book and music covers, background illustrations and game concept arts. The themes of loneliness, neon sunsets and melancholy are the main vibe in most of her artworks and they evoke a calming feeling of nostalgia.