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Nikho is an illustrator and Concept Artist with a colorful universe, having notably worked for Marvel, Ankama, and Stainless Games.


Watty Awards

WattPad approached Lofi Studio with an intriguing request: to design the perfect visual companion for their authors. Eager to bring this vision to life, we set out to create a character that embodies a promising young writer fully engrossed in crafting their next literary masterpiece. Our team skillfully crafted a warm and inviting atmosphere by incorporating bright, vibrant colors and elements that evoke a cozy and inspirational ambiance.

Through meticulous attention to detail, our character exudes the essence of a passionate writer, surrounded by elements that foster creativity and comfort. This unique visual representation not only resonates with authors but also serves as a source of motivation and encouragement throughout their writing journey.

With the combination of WattPad's vision and Lofi Studio's creativity, we successfully crafted the ideal visual companion, encouraging authors to delve deeper into their imaginations and create captivating stories that touch the hearts of readers worldwide.