Lofi studio – A team of experienced professionals

Nathalie Baraton

French 2D and 3D animator – cat lover, cosplayer and pokemon addict !


Dark Ambient Radio

Step into the enigmatic shadows of sound with our Dark Ambient Radio, and embark on a profound journey through the depths of the auditory unknown. Each pulse and drone invites you into a world beyond the reach of light, where mystery and tranquility coalesce into an immersive soundscape. Ideal for contemplation, creative exploration, or those moments when you seek solace in the embrace of the night. Our 24/7 livestream serves as a gateway to introspection and the darker corners of serenity, making it the perfect backdrop for your most reflective hours.

Peaceful day

Immerse yourself in the delicate melodies of the piano with 'Peaceful Piano', a captivating Lofi Girl compilation curated for tranquility and introspection. Featuring 38 tracks from 28 artists, this collection invites you to unwind in a spring park, offering a moment of calm amidst the chaos of everyday life. Let the gentle melodies of each track wash over you, transporting you to a place of inner peace and reflection.

Lofi Girl Radio Rework

Lofi Studio's team has successfully refreshed the look of Lofi Girl's radio by matching it better with the style of the compilations while still preserving the essence of the original visual. Additionally, we have created a 9:16 adaptation of the animation to stream live on TikTok, ensuring that the content is optimized for the platform's vertical video format.

As part of the refresh, we have completely re-designed and re-animated the cat as well as the background of Lofi Girl's room. We have also added some hidden surprises, known as "Easter eggs," for viewers to discover and enjoy. Can you find them all?

Overall, the updated visual of Lofi Girl's radio is a cohesive and aesthetically pleasing experience that reflects the vibe of the Lofi music genre. It is designed to create a relaxing and immersive atmosphere for listeners to enjoy while studying, working, or simply unwinding.

Synthwave Radio Teasers

Series of teasers and events to announce the new radio on Lofi Girl's channel.


Lofi Girl - Synthwave Radio Live

Introducing a brand new character in the Lofi World, we bring to you the genre of Synthwave - beats to chill/game to! 🌌

Get ready to fully immerse yourselves in the new realm of retro-futuristic sounds and join us as we embark on a journey through time and space, exploring the wonders of Synthwave and unravelling the mysteries of the Lofi World! Whether you're gaming, studying or you just want to chill, our new Synthwave 24/7 livestream is the perfect companion to your everyday routine.

Wardrobe meme

A little joke about Lofi Girl's very diverse wardrobe.

Upcoming Releases August 2022

A sneak peek at Lofi Girl's upcoming releases for August 2022.

Team :
Carole : Executive Creative Director and Producer
Nathalie Baraton : Illustrator

Upcoming Releases July 2022

A sneak peek at Lofi Girl's upcoming releases for July 2022.

Team :
Carole : Executive Creative Director and Producer
Nathalie Baraton : Illustrator

lofi hip hop radio - beats to sleep/chill to

This playlist contains the smoothest lofi hip hop beats, perfect to help you chill or fall asleep.

Team :
Basile Goutte Noire : Illustration
Nathalie Baraton : Animation

Morning Coffee

It’s that time of the day again to relax with a warm cup of coffee, and let your mind slowly wake up to a new day. “Morning Coffee” is a compilation showcasing calming vibes from a multitude of talented artists around the world. Sit down and look outside the window - there’s an endless amount of possibilities today.

Team :
Carole : Executive Creative Director and Producer
Ellinsworth : Sketch and composition
YiChen Shen : Painting
Nathalie Baraton : Animation