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Julia Shi

Julia Shi is an illustrator/storyboard artist currently based in LA, and loves working with color, mood, and cats.


Asian Lofi Preview
Advertisement - Asian Lofi Playlist

A creative and engaging advertisement for Lofi Girl's asian lofi playlist on Spotify.

Soothing Breeze

Welcome to a land of mountains and cherry trees. “Soothing Breeze” is a compilation of 21 carefully selected beats with oriental traditional instruments, soft drum loops and mystical appeal. The air is calm and pure - it’s time for absolute focus in this tranquil landscape.

Team :
Carole : Executive Creative Director and Producer
Julia Shi : Illustration
Nathalie Baraton : Animation

Lazy Sunday

It’s Sunday, the time of the week the Lofi Girl is allowed some well earned rest from her homework. Tune in to “Lazy Sunday”, an incredible compilation of 31 songs by 42 different artists all around the globe. Get the most comfortable headphones, and let your mind wander - as the greatest ideas seed from the laziest moments.

Team :
Julia Shi : Illustration & Animation