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Jourdan Tuffan

Sydney based Concept Artist | Art Educator, Foodie |


Afternoon Jazz

As September unfurls and summer draws to a close, the city calls for a trip to your favourite cafe. ‘Afternoon Jazz’ is the perfect soundtrack to welcome the autumn colours that envelope the landscape. Today’s special on the menu - 13 tracks carefully crafted by 28 talented worldwide artists, in a wonderful medley of jazz-infused lofi hip hop. Swinging drum loops and warm bass lines flow from track to track seamlessly, met by mellow beats and the smoothest of grooves that administer a dose of blissful relaxation. It’s a hazy afternoon and the sun is slowly dipping beneath the horizon - the perfect time for sitting by the window and watching the world go by.

Team :
Carole : Executive Creative Director and Producer
Jourdan : Composition and sketch
Ilia Kole : Illustration
Ameily : Animation
Catstyle : Vinyl Inner Sleeve Illustration