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Ilia Kole

Ilia Kole is a Freelance 2D / 3D Generalist from the Netherlands with everchanging interests, but always interested in adding a little positivity to the world, and always inspired by small magical moments in the mundane. Whenever working on an illustration he wants to add animation, whenever animating he wants to illustrate the background, and when doing both: trying out new workflows and finding a way to add scripting. Satisfied with never being satisfied and hungry for more art skills.


Afternoon Jazz

As September unfurls and summer draws to a close, the city calls for a trip to your favourite cafe. ‘Afternoon Jazz’ is the perfect soundtrack to welcome the autumn colours that envelope the landscape. Today’s special on the menu - 13 tracks carefully crafted by 28 talented worldwide artists, in a wonderful medley of jazz-infused lofi hip hop. Swinging drum loops and warm bass lines flow from track to track seamlessly, met by mellow beats and the smoothest of grooves that administer a dose of blissful relaxation. It’s a hazy afternoon and the sun is slowly dipping beneath the horizon - the perfect time for sitting by the window and watching the world go by.

Team :
Carole : Executive Creative Director and Producer
Jourdan : Composition and sketch
Ilia Kole : Illustration
Ameily : Animation
Catstyle : Vinyl Inner Sleeve Illustration