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Finn Smits

Finn is an animator and illustrator from the Netherlands. After studying art for videogames at Breda University, he decided that 3D wasn’t for him and specialized in 2D animation. His personal work is colorful and fun, inspired by anime and other classic animated films.


Lofi Girl Fortnite

Lofi Girl is now on Fortnite! Explore inside Lofi Girl's iconic room from a brand new perspective, solve quests and uncover hidden secrets as you play along!
You can also choose from up to 5 radios to really immerse yourself in the lofi universe. Customise your appearance with Lofi Girl themed cosmetics and embark on this extraordinary adventure! 🎮

Lofi Girl Twitch Con

Unveiling Our Exclusive Animation for Lofi Girl's Appearance at TwitchCon Los Angeles 2023.
We're thrilled to share our specially crafted animation that debuted at TwitchCon Los Angeles 2023, featuring the iconic Lofi Girl.


We are thrilled to announce that we're collaborating with chess.com to bring to you a brand new compilation for the occasion of the Champions Chess Tour Finals 2023 which will be broadcasted on Twitch and Youtube!