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Alena Aenami is 27 years old self-taught illustrator from Ukraine. She creates book and music covers, background illustrations and game concept arts. The themes of loneliness, neon sunsets and melancholy are the main vibe in most of her artworks and they evoke a calming feeling of nostalgia.


Best of 2023

We proudly present the 'Best of 2023' compilation, an extraordinary collection of 61 tracks, each meticulously selected from this year's releases, spanning a diverse range of styles. These tracks are thoughtfully distributed across 10 vinyl, with each record encapsulating the essence of a month, creating a year-long musical journey. Happy New Year to everyone celebrating the magic of music and the beauty of new beginnings!

Noctilucent Cover Art
Noctilucent - Lenny Loops x stream_error

Italian producers Lenny Loops and stream_error have collaborated for a long time to bring you ‘Noctilucent’. Mellow piano chords and pearly ambience stretch out across the sky, and fellow producer Sleepermane makes multiple appearances, bringing along signature synths and pads that make it sound even more other-worldly. The album feels like watching shooting stars in a star-freckled sky on clear summer nights.

Best of 2022

2023 is nearly here, and it’s time to reflect on the past year and the memories we’ve created. Join Lofi Girl on the rooftops and admire a beautiful firework display, while reliving your personal experiences in the best way possible - through lofi hip hop! The ‘Best of 2022’ compilation is here, consisting of 79 tracks meticulously hand-picked from releases in an assortment of styles - more importantly, discover the remarkably talented beatmakers and illustrators behind your listening experiences, whose timeless creations are celebrated. This year brought its own unique set of victories and defeats, struggles and joys; these are just some of the special tracks that accompanied you along the way..

The Gate to Serenity - Danisogen

Danisogen has a unique treat in store with his latest album ‘The Gate to Serenity’. A profusion of ethnic instruments come together, sourced from various corners of East Asia - airy flutes and piano melodies echo from sacred mountain tops, while perfectly-hitting drums sound from the depths of the wild jungle. Even the strongest-minded samurai may not live forever, but his music will echo in eternity.


Team :
Carole : Executive Producer
Aenami : Illustrator