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Adventure Sp1r1t

Shahriyer Hussain, also known as Adventure Sp1r1t, is an 18-year-old self-taught digital artist & illustrator. He has a deep fascination with Japanese culture, scenery, art and anime, which has inspired his passion for visual art. His illustrations are heavily influenced by anime visuals, combining fantasy with reality in a simple yet captivating way. He loves to experiment with different art styles to bring his imagination to life. His dream is to continue creating illustrations that evoke emotions and memories in everyone who sees his work.


Best of 2023

We proudly present the 'Best of 2023' compilation, an extraordinary collection of 61 tracks, each meticulously selected from this year's releases, spanning a diverse range of styles. These tracks are thoughtfully distributed across 10 vinyl, with each record encapsulating the essence of a month, creating a year-long musical journey. Happy New Year to everyone celebrating the magic of music and the beauty of new beginnings!